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Our Super Learning Powers Winners

In Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1, we have 'super learning powers'. Each one is a character with a story.  The children have loved learning about them and now talk about them all the time, telling us which learning powers they are using!


Every week, Bromstone recognises pupils who have demonstrated our super learning powers. Each KS1 class is given a particular learning power to focus on for the week, and the pupil who most demonstrates the qualities of that learning power is awarded the super hero costume. The winners are invited to wear their costumes into celebration assembly on Friday, and sit at the front for all to see!


Click on the links below to see who they are and to read their stories to find out all about our learning powers.


25th May 2018



The Super Learners this week in Reception were Ronnie in Gold for concentrating on his times tables like Camilla and Ronnie in Copper for not giving up like Dixie in making his bakery.  In KS1 the Super Learner winners were Coco in Silver for enjoying her diary writing like Kylie, George in Neon for improving his writing like Kylie and Harry in Hydrogen for great concentration in art. Tyler in Silicon was awarded Super Learner for concentrating in his writing just like Kylie Kangaroo and Louise in Zinc for not giving up in her maths.  Well done to all our Super Learners!

18th May 2018



In KS1 the Super Learner winners were Alfie in Silver for not giving up in his reading like Dixie, Bella in Neon for enjoying her learning and Celena in Hyrogen for improving in her reading this week like Kylie.  Dakota in Silicon was awarded Super Learner for concentrating in her English work particularly writing and Sean in Zinc for enjoying his artwork.  Well done to all our Super Learners!