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At Bromstone we think it is very important that children understand that they are learners and that they have a role to play as a learner.  We therefore believe that children should be taught how to learn and that there are certain skills they can develop which will mean they are more effective and successful lifelong learners.  We have developed a set of 'learning powers' with the children and these help them to become better learners.  In Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1, we have 'super learning powers'. Each one is a character with a story.  The children have loved learning about them and now talk about them all the time, telling us which learning powers they are using!


Click on the links below to see who they are and to read their stories to find out all about our learning powers.



The learning Powers in Keystage 2 are represented by emojis. The teachers look out for children who have been showing good learning behaviour and reward them with stickers. One child from each class is chosen to receive the 'Super Learning Powers' award and gets to wear a special badge for the day.
Picture 1 Keep Improving
Picture 2 Concentrate
Picture 3 Don't Give Up
Picture 4 Be Creative
Picture 5 Enjoy learning
Picture 6 Work Hard
Picture 7 Have a Voice
Picture 8 Take Risks
Every week, Bromstone recognises pupils who have demonstrated our super learning powers. Each KS1 class is given a particular learning power to focus on for the week, and the pupil who most demonstrates the qualities of that learning power is awarded the super hero costume. The winners are invited to wear their costumes into celebration assembly on Friday, and sit at the front for all to see!



9th February 2018


This week's 'Super Learning Power' winners are Seth in Gold class got Dixie Don't Give up Dolphin for not giving up with his new communication book and Oliver in Copper class got Camila for demonstrating lots of concentration when reading.


In KS1 the winners were Myra in Silver class, who has been learning like "Elberta the Enjoyment Elephant" in her handwriting, Lucian in Neon has tried hard all week to improve his writing and his maths.  Amber in Hydrogen has been concentrating on her writing like 'Camilla Concentrate Camel'.  Fabian in Silicon has been improving his phonics like "Kylie the keep improving Kangaroo" and Preston in Zinc has been working hard at not giving up in maths like "Dixie the Dolphin".  Your teachers are all so impressed with your attitude to learning and dedication in class, well done!


2nd February 2018

This week's 'Super Learning Power' winners are Callum in Silver class, who has been improving his writing, Casey in Neon has tried hard all week not to give up on his learning like 'Dixie Don't Give Up Dolphin', and Connor in Zinc has been enjoying his reading like Elberta Elephant. Amber in Hydrogen and Grace in Silicon have been concentrating on their writing like 'Camilla Concentrate Camel'. Your teachers are all so impressed with your attitude to learning and dedication in class, well done!

In Reception the winners were Ella-Mai, who won 'Kylie Keep Improving Kangaroo' for producing lots of writing and Elijah who, like Elberta Enjoyment Elephant, always relishes learning and does it with a big smile!

26th January 2018

This week's winners of the 'super learning powers' are Demi-Rose, Morgan, Pacey and Faith! Demi-Rose is only in her second week at Bromstone, and like 'Dixie Dolphin', she has focused on her learning and didn't give up! Morgan has been enjoying Maths lessons this week, and always has a smile on his face. Pacey has been learning about money, and he didn't give up until he understood. Faith showed excellent concentration during English. These are all wonderful achievements, you should all be very proud! 

26th January 2018

Congratulations to Amir and Mytzi-Mae in Year R, who have both demonstrated our super learning powers this week! Amir never gives up with his learning, and Mytzi-Mae showed fantastic concentration with her writing. A big well done to both of you!

19th January 2018

Congratulations to Ava Smith, Marcie Roberts, Isabelle Coker, Lola Johnson and Jessica Pryce for winning this week's 'Super Learning Powers'! Ava has been improving her writing, and Marcie has been focusing on her reading. Isabelle has been concentrating during all of her lessons this week, and Lola has been working on improving her writing like 'Kylie Keep Improving Kangaroo'. Jessica impressed her teachers by not giving up, like 'Dixie Don't Give Up Dolphin', when writing poetry. These are all wonderful achievements, keep up the good work! 

12th January 2018

Our 'Super Learning Power' winners for this week have been awarded to Mason in Silver class, who concentrated really well during his BRP reading time, and Dolcie in Neon, who has also been enjoying her reading. Lilah in Hydrogen has been focusing on her writing in class, and has worked hard to complete her poem. James in Silicon has been concentrating in class this week; it has been clear to Miss Sakka that he has been enjoying his learning. Finally, Preston in Zinc has been improving his reading like Kylie 'Keep Improving' Kangaroo. Well done to our winners on their hard work and perseverance this week - your teachers are very proud of you all!

5th January 2018

We've had an excellent start to the term at Bromstone; our 'Super Learning Power' winners have impressed their teachers with their positive attitude to learning! Lucy in Silver class did not give up, like Dixie, in all her learning last week, whilst Charlie in Neon has been concentrating really hard. Lilly in Hydrogen has been improving her writing, and Dakota in Silicon concentrated like Camilla on her classwork. Rio in Zinc has been enjoying learning in class like Elberta Elephant! Well done all of you!

15th December 2017

The 'Super Learning Power' winners in Reception this week were Olly and Harry! Mr Turner awarded the super learning power costume to Harry, who always concentrates during carpet time because he can answer every question. Olly in Gold class doesn't give up, he consistently tries in all his work. Well done to both of you!


15th December 2017

Well done to this week's 'Super Learning Power' winners Esma, Carter, Alex, Ethan and Amber! They have achieved the following; Esma in Silver class has been improving her listening during phonic lessons, Carter has not given up during his learning in class and enjoyed attending the school trip. Alex in Hydrogen has been enjoying his learning, and Ethan has been improving his reading by not giving up! Amber has been concentrating, like Camilla, during her classwork.

Congratulations to all of you, you have made your teachers proud!


8th December 2017

Our 'Super Learning Power' winners for the last academic week of 2017 are Berat, Sullivan, Mitchell, Scarlett and Ethan! Congratulations to all of you for working so hard in your classes. Berat has really enjoyed his learning this week, Sullivan has improved his writing in literacy, whilst Mitchell has been concentrating on improving his reading. Scarlett has also improved her reading, and Ethan explained "I couldn't do my work, but I started again, I didn't give up!". The children's achievements were celebrated in Friday's assembly to the rest of the school. Well done to all of you!


1st December 2017

The 'Super Learning Power' winners in Reception were Leia and Tommy! Leia did well concentrating whilst reading in the book jungle, and Tommy did not give up during writing, like Dixie Dolphin.

1st December 2017

Our 'Super Learning Power' winners for this week are:

Gracie in Silver Class, who has been excellent at concentrating in class like Camilla!
Grace in Neon Class enjoyed using the phonics that she has learnt in her reading, like Elberta Elephant.

Betsy in Hydrogen was just like Dixie Dolphin, when she didn't give up on her classwork.

Kayden in Silicon Class has been enjoying his learning in class this week.

Blake in Zinc has been improving his reading, moving up to a new colour band!

Really well done to all of you, you have made your teachers very proud!



24th November 2017

Year R 'Super Learning Power' winners are Kieran and Amelie!

Kieran created an amazing magnet tower, and kept improving it by adding more chimneys. Amelie always enjoys her learning, both at home and at school.

Congratulations and well done to you both!


24th November 2017

This week's 'Super Learning Power' winners in Years 1-2 are Eliza, Katie, Donna, Isabella and Summer! In their own words, the children have achieved the following:

"I showed excellence in my Maths" Eliza, Silicon Class

"I showed excellent concentration in English, like Camilla the Concentration Camel" Katie, Neon Class

"I showed all the learning powers in class this week" Donna, Zinc Class

"I showed good writing in my topic work, showing concentration" Isabella, Hydrogen Class

"I did not give up when I was working on my topic work" Summer, Silver Class

Well done to this week's winners, keep up the good work!


17th November 2017

Well done to Mussa, Bradley, Hayden, Ryan and Adar this week, who won the 'super learning powers' in Years 1-2!

Mussa in Neon class has tried hard to concentrate in lessons all week, and Bradley in Silver has been fantastic at co-operating with his peers. Hayden in Silicon showed lots of concentration in Maths, whilst Ryan in Hydrogen has worked hard to improve his writing. Adar in Zinc didn't give up with his reading, just like 'Dixie Don't Give Up' Dolphin. These are such wonderful achievements, the children have truly embodied our learning powers and made their teachers proud. They all enjoyed wearing their super hero costumes and celebrating their accomplishments in assembly.

17th November 2017

Congratulations are due this week to Emily and Alfie in Reception, who won the 'Super Learning Power' of the week! Emily in Gold class has been concentrating so well on her writing, and Alfie in Copper has been showing 'Elberta Enjoyment Elephant' by enjoying reading all his new books in supported reading. Well done to you both!



10th November 2017 - Year R

David and Kian were the 'Super Learning Power' winners in Reception last week! David demonstrated 'Camilla Concentrate' Camel by building an amazing zoo with the blocks and the animals. He spent one hour making the zoo amazing, and let the other children play with his creation. Excellent work, David!

Kian has been working hard on his writing throughout the week, demonstrating an amazing 'Dixie Don't Give Up' Dolphin attitude! Well done, Kian!  

Picture 1

10th November 2017

Congratulations and very well done to last week's winners of the 'Super Learning Powers' - Max, Blake, Lacey, Scarlett and Harry! The children have been working hard in class and have achieved the following:

"I did excellent reading and concentrated like Camilla Camel to achieve." Max, Silver Class

"I concentrated in phonics like Camilla Camel, and improved like Kylie Kangaroo." Blake, Neon Class

"I concentrated at carpet time and in my lessons, like Camilla Camel." Lacey, Hydrogen Class

"I am improving in all subjects, just like Kylie Kangaroo." Scarlett, Silicon Class

"I didn't give up in English, just like Dixie Dolphin." Harry, Zinc Class



Picture 1

3rd November 2017

Congratulations this week to Gracie, Dariya, Hayden, Pacey and Amari who have been awarded the 'Super Learning Powers' super hero costumes.

The children have given details of their achievements this week;

Pacey, Silicon class: "I didn't give up in class, just like 'Dixie Dolphin'."

Hayden, Hydrogen class: "I showed the learning powers, especially 'Camilla Concentrate Camel', all week."

Amari, Neon: "I have been improving with my reading."

Gracie, Zinc: "I have worked hard in English and showed the 'Camilla Concentrate Camel', and 'Dixie Don't Give Up Dolphin'."

Dariya, Silver: "I was showing and doing lovely work in class."

Well done to all of you!