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School Vision - 'Dream Believe Achieve'

'Dream Believe Achieve' Dragon Winner!

'Dream Believe Achieve' Dragon Winner! 1
Every week, Bromstone recognises pupils who consistently show our school values and vision – 'Dream Believe Achieve'.


9th February 2018

The winner of this week's 'Dream Believe Achieve' Dragon is Isabelle in Hydrogen class! Isabelle has worked really hard in maths this week. Well done Isabelle, keep up the good work!

2nd February 2018

The winner of this week's 'Dream Believe Achieve' Dragon is Roy in Neon class! Roy has impressed Miss Evans by trying hard all week with his learning. Well done Roy, keep up the good work!

26th January 2018

Congratulations to Sophie in Silicon class, who has won the 'Dream Believe Achieve' award for excellent behaviour and brilliant writing in English! Sophie has truly embraced our school values, well done Sophie!

19th January 2018

Congratulations are due to Lilly Page, who has won the 'Dream Believe Achieve' Dragon this week! Lilly's teacher, Mrs Swallow, nominated Lilly for her great contributions during carpet time. Well done Lilly!

12th January 2018

Congratulations to Marcie in Neon class, who has won the 'Dream Believe Achieve' Dragon this week for showing excellence in her phonics work and her reading. Well done Marcie!

5th January 2018

The winner of our first 2018 'Dream Believe Achieve' Dragon is Isabella! Isabella in Hydrogen class won a kindness award this week, for sharing her belongings with her classmates. Well done to you Isabella, what a fantastic start to the year. Keep up the good work!

15th December 2017

Congratulations to Evie-Lee in Hydrogen class, who won the 'Dream Believe Achieve' Dragon this week. She showed such kindness when her friend was upset and Evie shared her Christmas jumper. Well done Evie!

8th December 2017

Oliver in Zinc has won the 'Dream, Believe, Achieve' Dragon again this week, for showing excellence in his acting abilities! He has shown such confidence preparing for the Christmas production. Well done Oliver, you're a super star!


1st December 2017

We are celebrating Ravza in Hydrogen class this week at Bromstone, who has won the 'Dream Believe Achieve' Dragon. She is an excellent reader and has been improving in class. Well done Ravza for working hard and demonstrating the school vision!




24th November

Our 'Dream Believe Achieve' Dragon has been awarded to Oliver in Zinc class this week, for showing kindness to his peers in class. Oliver has truly embraced our school values, well done Oliver!


17th November 2017

This week's winner of the 'Dream Believe Achieve' Dragon is Georgina, who was excellent in her learning all week, especially in Maths! Congratulations and well done to you, Georgina!


10th November 2017

Congratulations to Kayden in Silicon! Kayden won the 'Dream Believe Achieve' Dragon last week for being respectful and answering questions in class. Well done Kayden!



3rd November 2017

Congratulations this week to Sean in Zinc class, who has been awarded the 'Dream Believe Achieve' Dragon for sharing with his classmates and being kind.

Our School Values 

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