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Spanish With Señora Stanley

Spanish in Spring Term 1!

Year 3


Los Numeros


Year 3 have continued to build on their Spanish language skills and cultural understanding. During Spring Term 1, the children began to learn, recite and recognise their Spanish numbers 1 - 20 and multiples of ten.

This was achieved through, games such as bingo, watching video clips, singing songs and their favourite game that I like to call "fastest fingers first." Please see the link below!


As well as learning their numbers, the children learnt the question, ¿cuántos años tienes? which means, how old are you? They also learnt to answer the question in full, tengo ...años (I am ... years old.) As well as asking and answering this question themselves, they also listened to Spanish speakers talking about their age and were able to identify their ages.


Year 3 worked so well during the chilly Spring Term 1 but we longed for some warm Spanish weather. Maybe we will see some of that in Spring Term 2, when we begin to learn about:

  • days of the week
  • school subjects
  • Easter in Spain


Felicidades year 3.


Keep up the good work!


Señora Stanley



Year 4 and 5


El Cuerpo

In Spring Term 1, the children had a wonderful time learning about the human body in Spanish. We created a mash up of Spanish and Science, called "Spience!"


The children learnt the Spanish vocabulary for different parts of the human body, arms, legs, hands, feet etc, etc. I think our favourite new word was the Spanish for toes which is, 'dedos de pie.' The literal translation is, fingers of the feet! Who knew?


The children used their newly acquired language to label bodies and draw monsters with some very interesting results. I described a monster to them and they had to draw the monster with the correct body parts and the correct number of body parts! This was also a great way to revise number and we had some very amusing results, as you can see from the pictures.


The children also learnt their Spanish colours so that when they designed their monster, they could add the colour details. Here are some Spanish colours, how many do you know?


  • Rojo
  • naranja
  • amarillo
  • verde
  • azul
  • morada


The children worked really well and I am sure that they will do so in Spring Term 2, when we will be going to Las Tiendas (the shops.) Yeah! Me gusta comprar!



Year 6


El Cuerpo and Dane Court Trip


Year 6 really worked hard across the curriculum during Spring Term 1. Like years 4 and 5, they have been learning about the human body (el cuerpo.) They have learnt the vocabulary for body parts, learnt the Spanish words for different colours and they have also revised numbers. It has been a long time since we learnt numbers, this time last year in fact, but their memories didn't let them down!


One of the most exciting things about this term for year 6 was our Spanish mornings at Dane Court Grammar School. Across two Wednesday mornings in January, half of the year group at a time visited Dane Court with me and went to the languages department. Here they met up with one of the Spanish teachers, Miss Cook who along with some of the year 13 pupils, organised a fantastic carousel of activities for our children to do. These included an online quiz using Kahoot, testing language, geographic and cultural knowledge. I am proud to say that our year 6's did not disappoint and impressed the year 13's with their knowledge. So much so, that the following week, the questions were made harder. Cheeky! Well done to the team #legendary who won it for the girls!


As well as the quiz, the children took part in a numbers activity with bingo being popular, an animals activity and some traditional Spanish flamenco dancing, led by one of the year 13 girls. I am delighted to say that our pupils really threw themselves into the dancing, even the boys! Muchas gracias to Miss Cook and the year 13's for making these mornings so fun for our pupils.


As usual, our pupils behaved exceptionally and impressed the staff and pupils at Dane Court. The mornings were such a success that we are aiming to make them an annual event with each year 6 group which will be just fantastico!


Year 6 will be spending their euros in Spring Term 2, when we go to the shops!


Well done year 6.