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Dream Believe Achieve

Spanish With Señora Stanley

Dream - soñar


Believe - Creer


Achieve - Conseguir

Year 3


Autumn Term 1


A new school year is upon us and three new year 3 classes will be beginning their lessons in Spanish! I am really excited to meet and get to know all the children in Helium, Oxygen and Cobalt class. I hope that they enjoy their Spanish lessons as much as I enjoy teaching them.

This term the children will be learning the Spanish alphabet. This will help them to be able to spell their names in Spanish and practise their pronunciation of some every day greetings. We will be singing songs to help with this.

We are also going to talk about who has been to Spain, where we think Spain is in the world and what we know about the country. This will help them to design a beautiful front page for their brand new Spanish books.


Let's have fun, work hard and dream, believe, achieve!


Muchas gracias,


Señora Stanley



Year 4




Autumn Term 1


Welcome back to year 4! I hope they enjoyed their summer and are happy to be back at school. The children will be continuing their Spanish lessons this term and their topic is "Celebrations." In order to understand and appreciate some Spanish cultures and traditions and why they celebrate what they do, when they do, we will be learning the months of the year!

This will lead into work on weddings and christenings, Halloween and Spain's National day. There will be a real focus on the culture and customs this term and hopefully when Halloween comes around here, the children will be able to explain how it is celebrated in Spain.

This year group worked hard at their Spanish in year 3 and I am sure they will continue to do so in year 4. I am really looking forward to a jam packed, fun filled year of Spanish!


Muchas gracias.


Señora Stanley


Year 5 and 6


Enjoy your meal!


It is hard to believe that year 6 are about to embark on their third year of Spanish. I do hope that this time next year when they go to their Secondary schools, that they will continue with their Spanish. Fingers crossed! In the meantime, both years 5 and 6 will be learning the same topics this year. This term they will be learning all about enoying a meal! Who doesn't love food?

The children will be:

  • building on their vocabulary to do with food and drink
  • building sentences and phrases
  • talking about their likes and dislikes
  • using the imperative verb to give instructions on how to make a pizza in Spanish.

If we can take over the kitchens, we might even have a go at making our own pizzas but only if we speak in Spanish the whole time!


I hope that we all have a wonderful term and year.

Remember to dream, believe, achieve or as they say in Spain, Soñar, Creer, Conseguir!


Muchas gracias.


Señora Stanley