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Dream Believe Achieve

Spanish With Señora Stanley

Dream - soñar


Believe - Creer


Achieve - Conseguir

Year 3


Autumn Term 2




Year 3 have been learning about Christmas in Spain. They are fascinated by the fact that Spanish children also get given presents on the 6th January as well as Christmas Day. A lot of the children want to live there now.


The children will be learning how to sing a verse of Silent Night in Spanish, as well as being able to wish everyone a happy Christmas, “Feliz Navidad.”


They have designed some lovely title pages and will be making some traditional Spanish Christmas decorations.

We are having fun, working hard and dreaming, believing, achieving!


Muchas gracias,


Señora Stanley



Year 4


Transporte y tiempo


This term, year 4 have been learning about transport and weather in Spain. They have begun to think about their favourite weather.

Did you know that when describing weather in Spain, the Spanish use the phrase hace or hay as a way of saying it’s. When it is sunny the Spanish simply say, hace sol, which literally translates to, it is sun! They have listened to a Spanish weather broadcast and identified the weather being mentioned.

Of course, we have played the obligatory, fastest fingers first, weather edition.

We are all keeping our fingers crossed for a Blanca Navidad!!!!


Muchas gracias.


Señora Stanley


Year 5 and 6

La Musica

This term, years 5 and 6 have been learning about music. They have begun to identify different musical instruments and genres of music in Spanish.


Can you guess what La musica pop might be? I know! It is tricky! LOL!


The children have been researching their favourite band or artist and looking at how successful they have been in Spain. Please take some time to look at their wonderful work!




Remember to dream, believe, achieve or as they say in Spain, Soñar, Creer, Conseguir!


Muchas gracias.


Señora Stanley