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Bromstone Primary School

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Year 3


 We are made up of Arundel, Lewes and Richborough classes.

These are the names of either forts or castles in the South East of England.

Our school house names have changed too and we are now in either Viking (red), Saxon (blue) or Roman (yellow).


In Arundel there is Mrs MacFarlan, Mr Chambers and Miss Barnfield.

In Lewes, there is Miss Ward, Mrs Gutkowska, Miss Field and Miss Bev.

In Richborough, there is Mrs Swallow, Mrs Dunkling and Mrs John.


Meet the Teacher PowerPoint

Term 2


Tribal Tales


This term we are studying the Stone Age to Iron Age.


Stone Age Day 9th November 2018





Visit from GB footballer Fil Kamps

Visit from GB footballer Fil Kamps 1

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We will be starting with RE week.

What do different people believe about God?

This weeks investigation enables pupils to learn in depth from different religious and spiritual ways of life regarding diverse beliefs about God.

Following that we will be doing Tremors


Home Learning Ideas

If God were a ......

If God were a ...... 1

Some websites you might want to explore with your family.

Our Erupting Volcanoes

Our Erupting Volcanoes 1

Fascinating Fossils!

Fossil Hunting at Dumpton Gap