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Behaviour and Safety

Restorative Justice

The restorative approach is to challenge those who behave inappropriately to find a solution that is meaningful and meets the needs of those harmed. It is solution focused, personal and more likely to build constructive and empathic bridges.

 The restorative approach becomes a ‘way of being’, once all members of the school community see incidents where harm has occurred as ‘teachable moments’ to be learnt from and seek opportunities to facilitate conversations in which harm can be repaired, thus empowering all those involved to own the situation, and find the solution.

Once participants have found a way forward, they agree on the best way for the harm to be repaired and what outcome would best meet their needs and ensure that the incident will not be repeated. The agreed actions form an outcome agreement.

A restorative intervention is voluntary for all those involved and paradoxically, it is the voluntary nature of the approach that encourages people to participate.

The restorative approach is based on using five questions to address incidents of conflict or inappropriate behaviour.


The Five Questions - To respond to challenging behaviour


  • What happened?

  • What were you thinking about at the time?

  • What have your thoughts been since?

  • Who has been affected by what you did?

  • In what way have they been affected?

  • What do you think needs to happen to make things right?


The Five Questions - To help those harmed by others’ actions


  • What did you think when you realised what had happened?

  • What have your thoughts been since?

  • How has this affected you and others?

  • What has been the hardest thing for you?

  • What do you think needs to happen to make things right?



Bromstone School manages behaviours using the restorative approach.