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British Science Week 2022

We learnt all about Alexander Fleming and his accidental discovery of Penicillin and created posters showing what we found out!

Worm charming! We wanted to see how many worms are on our field so we measured up a 1m by 1m square and poured water on the ground to imitate rain. We then patted our feet on the ground, imitating what seagulls do! How many worms do you think we found?

We explored the effect good bacteria can have in everyday life, like yeast in bread. We discussed the process of fermentation and created 2 mixtures- one with sugar and one without. We then watched the yeast race to see which mixture rose the most! Can you see which one it was?

We set up an investigation exploring the effects of germs and bacteria using bread and decided we wanted to explore where in the classroom had the most germs. We ended up wiping the bread on the computer keyboard and mouse, the whiteboard, our water jug handles, the door handle, and lockers. Keep your eyes peeled at a later date to see the results!

We investigated the effects of 'Buboes' on the victims of the Black Plague. In order to truly investigate how terrible it was, we created our own exploding bubo!

This week, we have particularly enjoyed learning all about stereotypes and diversity within Science. We started the lesson drawing what our perception of a scientist is. We concluded that it involved crazy hair, a white lab coat and a man! We moved onto researching and discovering a range of influential scientist who are all so diverse in their looks, qualities and interests and how they have impacted the field of Science!