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Reflections in Dance on Dan Graham's Pavilion

Year 5 children at Bromstone had the fabulous opportunity to work with Adesola Akinleye from the company 'Dance Strong', to create and perform a dance at the Turner Gallery, in response to the stimulus of Dan Graham's Pavilion.

The choreography interrogates the relationship between the ephemeral body and the physical body. Adesola took this as a focus using the phrase “I see myself in you when…’ as a choreographic idea. Working with three professional dancers from her company and a Year 5 class from Bromstone Primary School she created a site-specific work for the pavilion. The multi-generational nature of the work reflected the different aspects of playfulness that the pavilion invites. Adesola therefore took a second choreographic notion of “children lead the way…”

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Light Steps dance choreographed by Bromstone children

Film by Anton Califano. Light Steps Dance Performance was created by Adesola Akinleye ( especially for children (3+) and family audiences. The piece takes inspiration from artist Spencer Finch's current exhibition at Turner Contemporary, Margate 2014; The Skies can't keep their secret. The work premiered in the exhibition space in August 2014.