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This term we are looking at stories with a familiar setting and as our topic is Paws, Claws and Whiskers we chose a book with a familiar setting all about animals...

Here is a video of Dear Zoo being read aloud

Bring stories to life for toddlers with these brilliant video books and activities, for hours of booky fun. In this video, enjoy the story of Dear Zoo by Rod...

Makaton Signed Story: Dear Zoo by Singing Hands

We love singing and signing, but we also LOVE signing stories! We sign stories in all our sessions as they are the perfect vehicle to rehearse and utilise k...

Here are some really fun ideas about Dear Zoo you could try at home:

  • design your own zoo
  • write a letter to a zoo asking for a pet
  • draw some animals you would see in the zoo
  • draw animals and label their body parts
  • write a description about animals
  • write sentences about your favourite animal and why it is your favourite
  • write the story of Dear Zoo but change the animals
  • come up with your own adjectives to describe the animals in the story
  • write a story about one of the animals and what they get up to
  • write about what animal would you choose to be your pet and why you chose that one
  • create a map of a zoo


And any of your own ideas about animals welcome!