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Hello Year 2 and welcome to your home learning page!


This is an area where you can share some of the brilliant fun and learning you have been doing at home with your grown ups. When you share it with the teachers we can upload it to here to share it with your friends and families.


We look forward to seeing what you have been up to!

Stay safe, stay positive, stay learning.


Miss Young and Mrs Swallow

Rochester Home Learning

Clayton has made an amazing geodomed castle!
Olly's fantastic English work so far!
Seth's wonderful bird house he has painted himself
Ellis' radio active minibeast design
Ellis has designed and built his own bug!
Lily had a go at a fab colour changing experiment!
Amir has been doing some fantastic home learning
Amir's wonderful list of things to be grateful for
Olly's fantastic interactive clock!
Amelie has been busy making lots of things at home
Including a diary of what she's been up to!
Dylan found lots of items in our scavenger hunt!
Amir enjoying the beautiful sun on VE day
Amir enjoying the scavenger hunt this week!
Olly's fab book about minibeasts and plants
around the world!
Dylan's fab spider factfile.
Dylan making a paper aeroplane.
Millie made a fantastic rainbow hanger!
Then wrote some instructions about it!
Amir has drawn some beautiful flags!
And been busy solving Maths problems!
Kian's fantastic self portrait!
Isla has been very busy,
junk modelling at home!
Amir's beautiful time line!

Leeds Home Learning

Ronnie has made an amazing rocket
This is Tyler's brilliantly creative centipede
Kieran found the items for the scavenger hunt
Alfie has learnt to sew to make his spider
Some fantastic, fascinating spider facts
Archie has been having some messy fun
Great teamwork!
Cassiel has grown his first radish!
Cassiel's magnificent millipede writing
Tyler's Terrific Independent Work
Fantastic flag work!
David's delicious looking baking!
Home learning in the sunshine.
Tyler's fantastic report about caterpillars
What an amazing dinosaur!
Brilliantly named butterfly picture
Cassiel's scrumptious cake
Excellent carrot cake instructions
Oliver's reef knot
Working towards a Beaver's Builder Badge
A brilliant beetle
Camping in the garden
Learning to cook safely
Fantastic flag work
Great pattern work
Planning a persuasive letter
Cassiel's very persuasive letter
Cassiel watched the exciting rocket launch
A sensational skeleton by Tyler
Oliver has been learning to throw pots
Perfect pots!
Tyler's tall 3D model
Tyler's Terrific Transport
Tyler has written a description for his transport
Do you recognise this lighthouse?
Tyler found the last manned lighthouse.
Cassiel is a magical mathematician with time
Leia has written a sensational seaside poem
Amazing Art Builders cutting
A creative Cornell inspired box
A Perfect Pirate Flag
Some Magical Maths
More Marvellous Multiplication

The life cycle of a butterfly

Tyler has some caterpillars.
The caterpillars are changing!
The butterflies have emerged!
A butterfly drinking
Time to release them.
We can hopefully see part of the life cycle