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Bromstone Primary School

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KS 2

In their music lessons, Krypton and Nickel have been learning about musical rounds. As well as singing rounds in 2, 3 and 4 parts, they have worked together to produce and perform their own accompaniment to their singing.

Krypton's Round

Nickel's Round

Yakob and Deklan's response to 'A Night on Bare Mountain' by Mussorgsky

Term 3 Music Curriculum

Year 3

Year 3 will be spending this term learning to play the descant recorder. We shall be attempting to read basic music notation.


Year 4

Our whole class ukulele lessons will continue throughout this term, with a focus on playing different chords on the ukulele to accompany songs.


Year 5

Due to timetabling, Year 5 classes will either focus on singing and performing musical rounds or playing the 12 Bar Blues. 


Year 6

Year 6 will continue to use the BBC's 10 Pieces as inspiration for their music. We shall be learning more about classical music and the great composers as well as composing and perfoming our own music.