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Leeds class: In Maths, we went outside to show our learning of division. We were drawing groups and sharing an amount pictorially. We worked in groups of 3 to support and discuss our learning.

In Leeds class, we have started to learn about a division and the concept of sharing. We did This practically with sorting circles and counters. We worked in table groups to support each other’s thinking!

In Leeds class, we have been making arrays to support our multiplication learning. We then wrote matching number sentences and for a challenge had to the inverse...

In Leeds class, we have been recapping our number bonds to 10 and 20 to help us with our addition and subtraction skills. We had a carousel with different activities: hit the button (Ipads), pirate number bonds, roll the dice to make 10 or 20 and challenge card word problems. Take a look at our wonderful learning!

True or False? In Leeds class, we have been drawing dienes to solve calculations and prove if it is less than, greater than and equal to. We have been putting all our learning together to answer these calculations.

We are learning to tell the time! We have been using clocks to make O’clock and half past times. We have been practicing writing the time in words and drawing the hands on a clock in our books. Take a look at our fantastic learning...

Partitioning tens and ones, using dienes and part whole models to help us. We also had to be able to put the tens and ones back together to make a total. Take a look at what we were doing!

In Leeds class, we have been looking at 2D and 3D shapes. We have been counting: faces, edges and vertices; We have also been making patterns with our shapes by creating different sequences. Take a look at some of the patterns we made with our 3D shapes...