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Peer Mentors

Following a programme commissioned by HeadStart Kent, Bromstone has developed a peer mentor scheme within school to support children’s resilience in the playground.

Our peer mentors have been selected from Years 5 and 6. Yussef, Kristyna, Evie, Corben, James, Aimee-Lee, Morgan, Keanud, Alfie, Amber, Sophie, Blake, Grace and Kiera have been trained by a Youth Participation worker and, using the HeadStart toolkit, they have new skills needed to fulfil their role. 

The peer mentors are easily identifiable by the other children. They arrange playground games, play with children and keep the playground tidy and happy. They have arranged their own rota and have regular team meetings with Miss Mills.

Peer mentoring has been evidenced as having a positive impact on the emotional health and well-being of children and young people.

Peer mentoring can support children and young people by:

  • Enhancing social competence
  • Building security within the setting and the wider community by realising their worth as social beings
  • Improving attendance and educational attainment whilst developing friendship skills in a positive environment
  • Peer mentors provide advice and guidance whilst acting as a positive role model for younger people who require their support