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Returning to Bromstone Primary School in September - updated 28th August 2020

Returning to School in September


Dear Families,


Following the Government’s recent announcements, we are really pleased to be able to welcome all the children back to Bromstone on Wednesday 2nd  September. We have made the decision to keep the children in class bubbles of no more than 31, and to limit the number of adults that will work with each class, in order to keep the children as safe as we can. The children will have a designated area to play in, which will help to keep the bubbles separate.

We will be welcoming our new Reception classes to Bromstone from Monday 7th September.


Arrival and departure:

As you are more than aware, Bromstone can become a very busy place at drop-off and pick up times. For this reason, we have made the decision to stagger start and finish times, so that everyone can arrive and leave safely. We ask that your child(ren) arrive on time at their designated gate, where they will be met by an adult from their class. Once the children are familiar with the routine, they will be able to take themselves to their classroom. Children will not be able to arrive early and play on the playground as they have done in the past. There will be one-way systems set up at the gates so that parents can easily social distance from each other.  Parents are requested to queue anti-clockwise around the school perimeter at their appropriate gates.  There are yellow markings on the blue fence at 2m intervals to help with social distancing. We ask that parents keep gate areas clear in order to allow for a free flow of children and adults.





Year Group


8.40 – 2.50


Year R

Car park gate

8.40 – 2.50


Year 1

Corner gate (on roundabout)

8.40 – 2.50


Year 3

Pirate ship gate – Rumfields Road

8.50 – 3.00


Year 2

Corner gate (on roundabout)

8.50 – 3.00


Year 4

Pirate ship gate – Rumfields Road

9.00 – 3.10


Year 5

Pirate ship gate – Rumfields Road

9.00 – 3.10


Year 6

Pysons Road gate

(no parents can enter)


In order for the system to work, it is vital that these times are adhered to. If you have children in more than one year group, with the same arrival and collection times (eg Year 1 and 3), please prioritise your younger child. No parents will be able to enter school grounds at the Pyson’s Road gate, due to the narrow pathway.

If your child finds it difficult to leave you at the gate, we will do our best to verbally support you with this, but staff will not be able to take your child by the hand or touch them in anyway.





Breakfast Club and After School Clubs:

Breakfast club will continue to operate in September, beginning at 8am. The children will go to their year group areas, and we will initially operate 6 separate provisions – for years 1 to 6. Children should arrive via the Pirate Ship gate, where they will be met by their adult. We will not be able to offer paid After School club until restrictions are further eased and apologise for the inconvenience this will cause to some families. Other clubs such as Sports and Music will also not commence in September. We will keep you updated on our After school provision as soon as anything changes.


School dinners:

Throughout lockdown, we have been providing packed lunches for those children attending school who have wished to have school dinners. We will continue to provide high quality packed lunches for all children entitled to free school meals,including Universal free school meals for Years R, 1 and 2, and for the usual cost of £2.30 for Keystage 2 children who wish to purchase them. Children will eat their lunch in their classroom, rather than in the dinner hall.


What can my child bring to school?

Your child will be expected to wear their school uniform as per our uniform policy. They can also bring their coat, hat, book bag and packed lunch to school, which they will keep in their locker. There will be no need for children to bring in big bags.

We would like them to come to school in their PE kit on PE days. PE for most year groups will be taken by our Sports Coaches, and will be outside to allow them to social distance. As the weather gets cooler, we recommend that they wear their tracksuit over the top for warmth on this day. PE days are as follows:


Year 1 PE

Year 2 PE

Year 3 PE

Year 4 PE

Year 5 PE

Year 6 PE







This will start from week 2, the 7th September onwards


What will it be like for my child in School?

Our first consideration when the children return to school is their wellbeing. The staff will be focusing on this for the first few weeks, so that the children are happy, comfortable and reassured. We will also be working on a whole school topic entitled ‘The Journey’ which will support everyone’s return to school and also develop the children academically. Everyone will be expected to wash their hands regularly, and adults will be ensuring they keep their distance from the pupils (except in an emergency situation). Children should not wear face masks.


How else will the school keep my child safe?

In addition to our usual safeguarding practices and the changes outlined above, the school has introduced a number of other measures to keep children safe and ensure social distancing. These include:

•           Regular handwashing

•           Hand sanitising gel available around the school

•           Rearranging furniture in the classrooms so as to encourage social distancing and forward facing wherever possible

•           No sharing of writing equipment: each child will have their own stationery pack

•           Specific ‘zones’ where children will be at playtimes

•           Children will only use specified toilets

•           Cleaning of surfaces throughout the day and a cleaning schedule, following the Government guidance for non-healthcare settings will be undertaken each day

•           A weekly ‘deep clean’


What if my child is ill?

•           If your child is ill, please telephone the school office as normal.

•           If your child is showing any of the symptoms of Coronavirus, please do not send them into school. It is vitally important that you let us know they are showing symptoms so that we can notify the staff and children in their Bubble.


•           If your child is showing symptoms, please get them tested as soon as possible.

•           If the test is negative, they can return to school when they feel better.

•           If the test is positive, they must stay at home for 10 days (even if they no longer have symptoms) and Governors will consider whether the school needs to close.

•           If you choose not to get your child tested, you must keep them off school for 10 days.


Unfortunately we cannot facilitate face to face meetings with parents at the current time. If you have any questions or concerns on a day to day basis, please email the school on and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. We will publish our continually updated risk assessments on our website, for your information.


We look forward to seeing you all soon,



Kind regards,




The Bromstone Team