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Cross Country


Congratulations to our Cross Country runners who took part in The Thanet Schools Cross Country Event! What a great achievement for all children that took part and finished the race; it’s a long way! The children showed fantastic resilience, digging in when it mattered and finishing the race with smiles on their faces!


Well done to the following runners:-


Year 3 girls

Isla, Aurora, Chloe, Sophia, Sophie, Alana, Nieve


Year 3 boys

Tommy, Jamie, Owen, Jules, Theo


Year 4 girls



Year 4 boys

Harry, David, Cassiel, Tyler, Ellis, Archie


Year 5 girls

Grace, Evelyn, Kiera


Year 5 boys

Ewan, Lincoln, Noah, Callum


Year 6 girls

Alicia, Scarlett, Faith, Bella, Evie


Year 6 boys

Morgan, Alex, Freddie, Tommy


Very well done to the runners below who achieved excellent results in their age group.


Noah Hobbs 4th       -           year 5 boys

Theo Hobbs 27th     -           year 3 boys

Chloe Goudie 24th -           year 3 girls

Sohia Goudie 15th -           year 3 girls

Nieve Ward 27th      -           year 3 girls



The finishing times for every runner can be found by visiting the East Kent Coaching website, .