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Nitrogen Class

Fowlmead Trip

British Values Afternoon

Quex Visit

Robot projects

Race for life

Wildwood Posters (persuasive writing)

Term 4 Attendance Certificates

Chocolate Easter nests

Pizza Express Visit Friday 18th March

Afternoon Tea at Bradstow Court for a World Record Breaking Event

Well done to Macie and Ollie, winners of the best costumes for World Book Day! All the costumes were brilliant!

World Book Day

Pancake Day

Hedgehog cakes- Cooking time

Visual Impairment Workshop

We were lucky enough to have a introduction to Visual Impairments from Mrs Martin. 

She spent time talking to us about what it means to have a visual impairment, who our key children in the school were to watch out for and showed us how to real braille. The children were able to crack the code written for us.


Thank you Mrs Martin, we really enjoyed our lesson and learnt lots.  

Our beautiful artwork

We are very proud of how beautiful our class is looking. We have been working hard, which can be seen displayed around the classroom. We look forward to the parents coming to see our classroom. 

Wildwood Night time walk- Monday 11th Jan 2016

oooooo spooky!!

We recently went to Wildwood at NIGHT TIME for a walk. We were the only ones in the park and we crept around looking for Nocturnal animals. We were able to experience the animals we wouldn't normally see during the day up close and personal. We even fed the otters and foxes, even if they did eat Fish and Chicks (yuck) Let's hope they don't put that on Friday's Menu for us. 

We had a wonderful time and learnt lots using just our senses. It's amazing how much you learn when you have to focus on your hearing and sense of smell. We heard the Wolves howling, the Owls 'twooting' and smelt the scent of the fox. Did you know a fox has a special scent in their paws which they use to find their way home, as well as warn off other animals? 

The children were exceptionally behaved and weren't worried by the freezing cold temperatures. 

Term 2 100% Attendance Certificates- Brilliant effort

We had an impressive 18 children who received 100% attendance (some not included in photographs). This is brilliant, because despite their coughs and colds they have soldiered on and have come to school every day. We love Nitrogen class and learning so we hate missing days at school. 

Maybe next term we could have even more children with 100% attendance!! 

Term 1 100% Attendance certificates- Well done!!

AMAZING!!! 22 children were present at school every day from the beginning of the Year to October Half term. WOW! Well done children and parents. We loved school and learning so we come to school everyday. I wonder how many will get a certificate next term. 

Our sock snowmen

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Thank you to those who paid their £1 for the resources for our sock snowmen. The children loved making them and they look adorable. I want one! Another success from Nitrogen class. 30 happy children walked out of school cradling their snowmen.

What have you called yours? 


Tesco visit


On Friday we went to Tesco! What a visit!

We were able to try different types of cheese, we held a variety of fish and went on a rainbow search for fruit and veg. The wonderful staff at Tesco even took us behind the scenes and we went into the Fridge and Freezers (bbrrrr) and took a ride in a delivery lift. What fun we had and we learnt so much about healthy eating. 

We had a lovely break at the end where we had juice and fruit. Lots of us tried fruits we had never tried before. It was very yummy!

Ramsgate War Tunnels

Ramsgate Tunnels

We stepped back in time today and visited Ramsgate tunnels. What an experience. 

We started by watching a clip informing us of the War that happened many years ago and why the tunnels were needed. Then we walked around the tunnels, saw how narrow and damp they were, saw some bunk beds (plus a bucket for a toilet) and saw what life would have been like for them. Our safety helmets constantly fell off but the children were very sensible and respectful. They asked great questions.


Did you know?: Some people decided to live down there during the War and Winston Churchill was told he had to put out his cigar before he entered the tunnels. 

Hot cross buns

Yummy Hot Cross Buns

During RE week we made Hot Cross buns because for Christians the symbol of the cross is important to them, plus bread is often seen as the body of Christ. Also, this was a good link to our Topic of 'The Great Fire of London' because the fire started in a Bakers Shop on Pudding lane. 

We were really good at weighing, measuring and mixing the ingredients.

We love baking BUT we love the eating more!! 

Making our Water carriers

Water Carrier

During the Great Fire of London one of the reasons the fire spread so quickly was because they didn't have sufficient facilities to put out the fire. They only had leather buckets/ water carriers, which took a long time to fill from the River Thames. 

We made our own by putting paper mache onto a balloon (well 3 layers actually) then popping the balloon once dry and set, we painted it and added a handle. 

We are glad we now have our wonderful Fire service. 

Our Great Fire of London dance

Great Fire of London Dance

During PE we have been using movements such as, high, low, strong and light. We combined these with movements that represented the spreading of the fire. The children were fantastic at this and moved with such emotion and maturity. They really enjoyed being Fire and moving carefully to the music, listening to the change in tempo.