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Bromstone Primary School

Big Questions - Overview of the School

Year Group

Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4

Term 5

Term 6

Whole School Concept Question

Where Do Adventures Begin? 

Why Do Rights Exist?

Why Lead When You Can Follow? 

What Makes Our Environment Special? 

What Happens When There is Conflict? 

Is It Better to Adapt Or Stay The Same?

Yr R

What adventures have you been on?


What do rights mean? 

What makes me special? 

Why should we care for our environment? 

How could we settle our conflicts? 

How does change affect us? 

Yr 1

What is an adventure? 



What are rights? 

What makes a hero?

Why do we need trees?

Will a hare always win a race against a tortoise?

Do dinosaurs still exist?

Yr 2

What do we see on adventures?

Do we need to explore?

What makes a good leader?

What makes a good place to live?

How do you grow a better world?

Where can you see change?

Yr 3

Stone Age: How do we know about adventures from the past?

Food: Is it fair to eat bananas all year round?

Democracy: Where do leaders come from?

Rocks: Does the world stand still?

Heroes & Villains: Can we change without conflict?

Predators & Prey: Is it better to adapt or stay the same?

Yr 4

Can an adventure change us? 



Whose rights are important?

Are you born to Lead?

Why do rainforests matter?

Should we always do as we are told?

How has the world changed Thanet? 

Yr 5

What adventures lie beyond Earth?


How does war affect people’s rights?

Do adventures need a leader?

Can we dig up the past?

Does power create conflict?

How does disease change the world?

Yr 6

What happened when the Titanic sank?


Can one voice change the World?

Who should you follow?

Can the planet survive without bees?

Does conflict change how we communicate?

How did the tortoise get its shell?