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Bromstone Primary School


Bromstone Primary school offers a relevant, broad, vibrant and fun foreign language curriculum that will inspire and excite our pupils using a wide range of topics and themes relevant to them. We believe that through high quality language teaching and learning, our students can develop an understanding of the world around them. This will hopefully lead them to have a love of language and cultures. We chose to teach French due to our proximity to France.  

Children begin learning French at the start of Year 3 and have weekly lessons throughout their time in Key stage 2. We follow the CPG Salut scheme as it is the most dynamic and accessible for our pupils. During these lessons’ pupils will be given the four key language skills; listening, speaking, reading and writing. All of these skills will be taught in age appropriate ways including games, role play and interactive activities.  

We have French display boards throughout the classrooms and school corridor showing children vocabulary they are learning or will be learning on their learning journey. We show and celebrate pupils French work throughout the terms.  

Children leave Bromstone with an understanding of France, its language and its culture. Our specific curriculum guides children, and teachers on their learning journey from the basics to complex conversations, preparing them for their language lessons in secondary school. Our long-term aim is to have pupils feel willing, able and confident to continue studying language beyond Key Stage 2 and becoming life long language learners.  

If you would like to practise at home, please explore the following website for help with pronunciation, video clips and games: