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Bromstone Primary School

Home Learning

Reading Expectations

We love reading in Year 5! Alongside their daily guided reading lessons and class book sessions, we ask that children read for at least 10 minutes a day with their adults at home.

Each child will be given an appropriate colour-band book and reading for pleasure book each week, with reading records being checked and books changed on a Monday.


Year 5 get get new spellings each week to learn in school and at home. These will be tested and changed on a Friday.

If your child has lost their spelling list, they can get new ones from their teacher or from the downloadable lists below.

Term 4 Home Learning ideas

This term's over-arching question is 'Why Is our Environment Special?' - if your child would like to do some additional home learning, we have some ideas for you below!

There is no expectation to complete additional home learning, but we love to celebrate and display any projects your child creates.


Children in year 5 now have access to the IXL home learning portal. You can access IXL by clicking here or by downloading the app from the Apple App store of Google Play store.