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Bromstone Primary School

School Policies

Please see below Bromstone Primary School policies for your information and reference.

  1. Accessibility Plan pdf
  2. Admission Policy 2023 pdf
  3. Admission Policy 2024 pdf
  4. Anti Fraud, Bribery and Corruption Policy pdf
  5. Anti-bullying Policy pdf
  6. Assessment Policy pdf
  7. Attendance Policy pdf
  8. Behaviour Policy 2022 pdf
  9. Capability Policy pdf
  10. Child Protection Policy 22-23 pdf
  11. Collective Worship Policy pdf
  12. Confidentiality Policy pdf
  13. EYFS Policy pdf
  14. Federation Charging Remissions and Lettings Policy pdf
  15. Federation Code of Conduct for Governors pdf
  16. Federation Complaint Policy pdf
  17. Federation Discipline and Conduct Policy 2022 pdf
  18. Federation Employment of Ex-Offender Policy pdf
  19. Federation Finance Policy 2023 pdf
  20. Federation First Aid Policy 2023 pdf
  21. Federation of Bromstone and St Mildreds Code of Conduct 2022 2023 pdf
  22. Freedom of Information Publication Scheme Policy pdf
  23. GDPR Policy pdf
  24. Governor Visits Policy pdf
  25. Governors Allowances Policy pdf
  26. Grievance Policy pdf
  27. Health and Safety Policy pdf
  28. Healthy Eating Policy pdf
  29. Image Use Policy pdf
  30. Inclusion Policy pdf
  31. Late Collection of Child Policy pdf
  32. Lockdown Policy pdf
  33. Looked After Children Policy pdf
  34. Managing Absence and Ill Health Policy pdf
  35. Medicine in School Policy pdf
  36. Minibus Policy pdf
  37. Offsite Visits Policy pdf
  38. Online Safety Policy 2022-23 pdf
  39. Out of School Club Terms and Conditions - Copy pdf
  40. Parent acceptable use policy pdf
  41. Parent Code of Conduct pdf
  42. Pay Policy Bromstone and St.Mildreds Federation - Sept 22 pdf
  43. Physical Contact pdf
  44. Privacy Notice Pupils pdf
  45. Privacy Notice Staff pdf
  46. Pupils Acceptable Use policy KS1 pdf
  47. Pupils acceptable use policy KS2 pdf
  48. Records Management Policy and Retention Schedule pdf
  49. Recruitment Policy pdf
  50. Remote Learning AUP pdf
  51. RSE Policy pdf
  52. School dinner Policy pdf
  53. School Emergency Management and Business Continuity Plan pdf
  54. Security Threat Evacuation Procedure pdf
  55. SEND Policy pdf
  56. Special Leave Policy and Procedure pdf
  57. Staff Acceptable Use Policy pdf
  58. Staff Appraisal Policy pdf
  59. Staff Code of Conduct pdf
  60. Supporting pupils with medical conditions pdf
  61. Teaching and Learning policy pdf
  62. Uniform Policy pdf
  63. Walking to and from school policy pdf
  64. Whistleblowing policy pdf