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Bromstone Primary School

Term 1 - What Adventures Lie Beyond Earth?

Welcome to the first term of Year 5! We are so excited to have you back for what we hope is a brilliant year ahead. We have lots of exciting things planned for term 1, which you can read about below...


For Term 1, our class text will be 'Harriet vs The Galaxy' by Samantha Baines - a hilarious story that follows Harriet and her incredible hearing aid that can hear aliens! Will she be able to save earth from the invaders? We will also be reading a selection fiction and non-fiction space books to help us plan and create our own out of this world narratives and Mars fact files.



In maths, children will be exploring the place value of increasingly large numbers - going up to 1,000,000 - and experimenting with ways to partition and order them. We will also be continuing to develop our understanding of addition and subtraction, including adding and subtracting numbers with more than 4 digits and multi-step problems.


Smugglers | Reproductions of famous paintings for your wallTopic & Science     

This term will have a history and geography focus as we explore how the incredible space race between the USA and USSR shaped space exploration forever. Join us as we find out who wins the battle to the moon and beyond!


Free Vector | Types of force for children physics educationalFor science, we will be exploring the science behind our solar system and the universe. We will learn about the phases of the moon and the position and movement of planets in relation to the sun. Out of this world!