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Bromstone Primary School

Term 1- Can adventures change us?



Our class texts are 'A pinch of Magic' and 'Harry’s House of Invention', which links to our topic for the term. We will be exploring instructions for making our own potions, which might take us on a magical adventure and we will also be writing our own Fantasy stories. 



This term we will be focusing and building on our knowledge of place value and numbers up to 10,000. We use dienes, counters and partitioning of numbers. For times tables we will be introducing the children to 7x, 6x and 9x tables but we will continue to practise all tables. Children are encouraged to do their Times Tables Rockstars at home. 


Our Topic this term is Potions, and where we might go on a magical adventure. Our whole school concept is 'Adventure' and we will explore what that might look like alongside potions, the history of medicine and where a magical potion might take us. In PSHE we will look at friendships, in and out of school. We will also look at the origins and adventures food takes, we'll look at different foods, how we prepare them, make dishes and evaluate our culinary delights.


Our Science this term is States of Matter, including the properties of solids, liquids and gases. We will investigate what happens when we freeze or heat materials. The children will be undertaking some exciting experiments along the way.