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Bromstone Primary School

Term 2 - Is it fair to eat bananas all year round?

In term two the children will be exploring the question: Is it fair to eat bananas all year round? This question links in to the schools over arching question Why do rights exist?.


In the first week we will be celebrating and learning all about Black History. In Year 3 the theme is "Notting Hill Carnival". We will be comparing different countries to the UK, including St Lucia and the Caribbean. We will be exploring Windrush, Caribbean Music and preparing for our very own carnival parade around the school. In addition to this, we will be looking at 2 books in relation to Black History Week.

"Baby Flo" by Alan Shroeder 

"The Power of Black" by Various Authors

A Poetic Children's Book on the Diversity of Black Culture.


In Maths, this term, the children will continue using their number bonds, place value knowledge and mental arithmetic to add and subtract using a formal column method. The children will continue building on knowledge from previous years to work with numbers within 1,000. Once the children have mastered the skills and understanding, we will start learning about multiplication and division, particularly the 3, 4 and 8 times tables. Children will have access to concrete manipulatives to help them with their mathematical reasoning and understanding, before moving to more pictorial representations. 

Numbots and Times Table Rock-star account details are written in their reading records. 


In English, we will be writing a comedy narrative within the genre of fiction. We will continue using the Write-Stuff scheme to support the children's understanding and encourage extensive use of vocabulary within the lesson. Our narrative will be based on the book "The Incredible Book Eating Boy" by Oliver Jeffers.

Closer to Christmas, we will write a persuasive advert. We will initially begin by writing a fake social media post for a Christmas pudding advert. The children will then have an opportunity to show the writing skills they have learnt to write their very own advert!

We will be learning all about plants during Science. We will be building upon previous knowledge of the parts of plants and their functions. The children will answer questions about plants and we will even be growing our own winter vegetables!