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Bromstone Primary School

Term 2- Whose rights are important?

Key dates:

Parents consultations: 8th and 9th November 2023

Year 4 visit to Discovery Planet Science workshop: Friday 1stDecember 2023

Year 4 visit to Canterbury Roman Museum: Tuesday 5th December 2023

Christmas Panto trip: Tuesday 12th December 2023


Welcome back to Term 2! We hope all of the children have had a wonderful break.

This term we are going to be exploring the question ‘Whose rights are important?' as part of our whole school concept question 'Why do rights exist?'.

Black History Month

As it is Black History Month, we are going to be starting the term learning all about influential leaders or people. We will be focusing on learning about Martin Luther King Jrn and Marcus Rashford and looking at the impact they both made Historical and more recently, as well as looking at what challenges they may have had to overcome to support civil rights for the Black community


In English, we will be looking at both Poetry and Diary writing. The poem will be ‘still I rise’ which is a very moving and thought-provoking poem, which links well to our overarching question relating to Rights. Also, our Class text for our Diary writing is ‘The Thieves of Ostia’, which is set in the Roman period.  



For Maths this term, we are going to continue to focus on addition and subtraction, area, Multiplication and division and then towards the end of the term, Length and Perimeter. Please do keep up the Times tables practise at home, at least 3 times a week if possible.



Our science theme is Electricity this term. The children will construct a simple circuit, Identify/ name parts  of a circuit, recognise common conductors and insulators, as well as looking at how we can break a circuit. We plan to make a visit to Discovery Planet in Ramsgate for a Free Workshop too, on the 1st December.

The big question

Our Topic this term is Romans, where we look at the History of the Romans and the rights of both the Roman Soldiers and Slaves. We will be looking at maps- identifying the Roman Empire, how the Roman Empire affected Britain and we will look at who the Celts and Romans were. Our whole School concept is RIGHTS.