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Bromstone Primary School

Term 3- Who should you follow?

Queen Victoria clothes fetch £17,000 at auction | Tatler

For Term 3, we will be exploring the question, 'Who should you follow?' with a focus on the reign on Queen Victoria and the Victorian era. 


Tom's Midnight Garden : Pearce, Philippa: BooksIStreet Child (HarperCollins Children's Modern Classics) eBook : Doherty,  Berlie: Kindle Storen English, we will be focusing on the story The Street Child by Berlie Dougherty. We will be using The Write Stuff to write the story of Jim as a class, before writing the story from a different point of view. We will then be writing a balanced argument based on the story and the choices Jim has to make.  

In Reading, we will be exploring the classic novel, Tom's Midnight Garden. We will be using VIPERS to discuss. 

MathsTeachers' tricks for decimals | TheSchoolRun

In Maths, we will be starting the term exploring decimals; we will look at their place value, rounding, adding and subtracting and multiplying and dividing. We will then be moving on to finding fraction, decimal and percentage equivalents, followed finally by area, perimeter and volume. 

Big Question Lessons

Across the term we will be exploring the famous leader, Queen Victoria, and her successes as Queen. We will be exploring the British Empire and what it was before moving on to exploring aspects of Victorian Britain: schools, workhouses and everyday life. We will also take a look at the cholera outbreak and explore the causes, creating a map to show the impact.


In Science, we will be exploring Victorian inventions and using scientific enquiry. We will be looking at the lightbulb, telephones, the camera, germs, effects of sugar and magnets! This will all be done using the key principles of scientific enquiry.