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Bromstone Primary School

Term 4 - Can We Dig Up The Past?

Welcome to term 4 of Year 5! We have lots of exciting things planned, which you can read about below...


For Term 4, our reading for pleasure text will be 'Who Let The Gods Out?' by Maz Evans - an adventure story that follows a troubled lad named Elliott as he has the shock of a lifetime - ancient Greek Gods have landed in his farm! Are the Gods really ready to save the world? And is the world really ready for the Gods?

For our writing sessions, we will be developing our biography writing skills to record the amazing life of Pharaoh Hatsheput and turning our hand to instruction writing for mummifciation...!


In maths, year 5 will be exploring the equivalence between fractions, percentages and decimals using different representations. We will then be moving onto our shape unit, which will build upon prior knowledge of finding the perimeter and area os 2D shapes. We will be completing the term with an investigation into statistics and how data can be represented.


Smugglers | Reproductions of famous paintings for your wallTopic & Science     

This term will share its focus between geography and history as we explore the incredible landscape and historical impact of Ancient Egypt. Children will investigate how the River Nile has sustained Egyptian populations for thousands of years, and research the life of Howard Carter on his great discovery of Tutankhamun. 


Free Vector | Types of force for children physics educationalThis term will see the return of British Science Week, where our children will be putting their scientific enquiry skills to the test! During Science Week, we will embark on a number of fun and engaging experiments that will test accurate measuring, prompt thoughtful hypothesis and deliver mind-blowing results!