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Bromstone Primary School

Term 4- Can the planet survive without bees?

Bumble Bee Collecting Pollen

In Term 4, we will be exploring the role that bees play within our special planet and what might happen if they were to cease to exist!

Where the River Runs Gold eBook : Brahmachari, Sita: Kindle  StoreEnglish

During class reading sessions, we will be reading 'Where the River Runs Gold' by Sita Brahmachari. This book takes an exciting look into a dystopian world where bees are extinct and the path this may lead us down!

In English, we will be completing narrative story writing from other worlds based on the short video clip, 'The Eye of the Storm'. This will be followed by a non-chronological report all about bees and their job within the world. 

MathsPrintable Perimeter Area Definition Poster - Class Playground

This term, we will be exploring area and perimeter, working to develop our ability to solve problems involving these. We will be exploring statistics, reading and interpreting different graphs and charts including pie charts and we will be ending the term looking at shape.

Honey | BBC Good FoodBig Question Lessons

Our topic lessons this term will focus on Geography, looking at aspects of human geography and land use in our local environment as well as exploring the impact of environmental schemes on the environment. In Design and Technology, we will be focusing on food. We will be exploring seasonality, packaging and food miles and then finally following a recipe and cooking using honey.


In Science, we will be exploring pollinators and the importance of the job they do. We will explore what pollination is as well as looking at the different parts of a plant needed for this. We will then be moving onto to looking at classification of plants and animals and how both adapt to their environment.