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Bromstone Primary School

Term 4- Why do rainforests matter?


What Makes our Environment Special?

Another new term, and hopefully warmer, brighter days are coming. 

This term we will have lots of exciting learning opportunities in year 4. We will immerse ourselves within the rainforest and learn about the different layers, from the upper canopy to the forest floor. . We will also explore the animals that make the different layers of the rainforest their home. 


English :

We are continuing to develop our writing skills. Through the Write Stuff we will sentence stack and develop our vocabulary. With the help of focused writing lenses, we will be writing a narrative story based on The Great Chocoplot by Chris Callaghan. We will then write a poem around the theme of a river, building on our background knowledge of the Amazon.

During our Vipers lessons we will be exploring the chapters of the Emma Carroll classic, Escape to the River Sea. We will work on developing all our reading skills, with a focus on inference and retrieval.

Maths term we will be focusing on fractions. Understanding what a fraction is, how to make a fraction and equivalent fractions. We'll also look at fraction families, converting fractions and improper fractions. A great excuse to make a cake at home and practise slicing it into equal fractions.  

Big Question our geography lessons we will be locating places, identifying rainforest, drawing conclusions between locations using photos, pictures and maps, in particular the rainforest close to the Equator. We will look at the significant differences and similarities between rainforests.  We'll focus on the importance of each layer of the Rainforest, look at the types of animals that live in the Rainforest, and delve deeper into deforestation and palm oil and other issues threatening the Rainforests across the world.



Our Science this term is 'Living things and their habitats'. Within this Topic we will be Identifying the different types of trees based on their leaves, recognise environmental changes and apply our knowledge of Life Cycles. We will also have Science Week where we will take part in some fun, exciting and thought provoking activities. We can't wait!