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Bromstone Primary School

Term 5 - Does Power Cause Conflict?

Welcome to term 5 of Year 5! We have lots of exciting things planned, which you can read about below...



For Term 4, we are continuing with our reading for pleasure text 'Who Let The Gods Out?' by Maz Evans - an adventure story that follows a troubled lad named Elliott as he has the shock of a lifetime - ancient Greek Gods have landed in his farm! Are the Gods really ready to save the world? And is the world really ready for the Gods?

For our writing sessions, we will be developing our Narrative writing skills to reimagine Anthony Browne's famous 'Gorilla' story with new characters and destinations. We will also be turning our hand to non-chronological reports to document the amazing and rather chilly lives of Emeror Penguins! 

Maths         Geometry— Position and Direction

In maths, year 5 will be building on their identification, classification and drawing of angles, 2D polygons and 3D shapes skills from year 4. We will also be interpreting and plotting coordinates on a single quadrant, building up to the translation and reflection of various shapes.


6 Things We Owe to the Vikings | HISTORYTopic & Science     

This term will have a history focus - the fearsome Vikings! Join us as we uncover their plan to invade Lindisfarne and take England for themselves! Children will learn about why the Vikings invaded and settled here, details about their cultures and beliefs, and how King Alfred and his grandson begun the fightback to reclaim what was taken from the Anglo-Saxons!

Animals, Including Humans Year 1 - Science Resources

This term, children will be exploring the lifecycles of animals including humans, with a particular focus on the gestation and development of mammals. They will be collecting and interpreting data around childhood height and finding out how humans change over time from birth to old age.