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Bromstone Primary School

Term 5- How can we solve our conflicts?

Welcome back! We hope you had an amazing Easter and the Easter Bunny was generous and left some yummy chocolate treats for you!

This term our whole school question is "What happens if there is conflict?" In Reception, we will be wondering "How we can settle our conflicts?" We will talk about different types of conflicts and how to settle them. We will also talk about friendships and why they are important. We will explore the world by learning about different places. The stories we will read this term are: One little word, Three Billy Giats Gruff, The squirrels who squabbled, Where the wild things are, Handa's hen and Lost and Found.

In Phonics we will start Phase 4 learning. There will be no new sounds, but we will be learning to read longer words that include prefixes and suffixes. 

As always, please refer to the Little Wandle website where you can find lots of ideas of how to support your child at home.

In Maths we will be covering topics like To twenty and beyond, How many more and Compose and Decompose.

You can find all the important information as well as ideas for home learning on the Parent and Pupils part of White Rose website.

It will be a busy term, and we are looking forward to seeing what it will bring!