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Bromstone Primary School

What to wear?

In order for your child to fully participate in Forest School it is essential that they have the necessary items of clothing available to them and we request that Parents/Carers ensure that the following are provided before your child takes part in their first Forest School Session.

  • One pair of Wellington Boots or old trainers

  • A pair of socks

  • Sturdy trousers such as jeans etc… (no shorts please)

  • A jumper or long sleeved fleece

  • A coat (for winter months)

  • A pair of gloves (for winter months)

  • A woollen hat or sun hat (dependant on weather) 

We advise old clothing be worn to Forest school as the children may get wet and muddy from time to time.

It is important to make sure that your child has layers, as even in the summer months; the weather can quickly turn cold, especially in the woodland. The clothing also forms an important barrier to protect the children against brambles, nettle stings and insect bites.