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Bromstone Primary School

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We are learning that repeated addition helps when learning about multiplication.

We have been acting out scenes as if we are a Roman Soldier; can’t get married in the army, beaten to death and even going into battle.

We have been listening to sounds, can we make it quiet, quieter or louder?

We have been making clay pots as part of our learning for our Roman topic. They are amazing!

We have been learning about Sound for our Science topic. The children have been carrying out lots of investigations to find out what makes a sound and how it travels...

Hever class, we acted out ‘The hundred mile an hour dog’ where they tied the skateboard to the bike.

Hever class, making our own sound vibrations. Can you hear what they said?

Hever class, outdoor learning. Orienteering with addition and subtraction.

Hever class acting out how the Romans eating.

Hever class reading atlases and plotting the school as a birds eye view.

Hever class looking at battle formations and what a Roman soldier wore.

Hever class acting out being soldiers.

Hever class WOW day. Food tasting, playing catch the flag, building Amphitheatres and making clay pots.