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Beach trip to Viking Bay

Scavenger hunt, Andy Goldsworth art, beach inspector work and sand castle building.

Jubilee celebrations

Biscuit making, Bromstone in bloom, making flags, learning about Canada and a party to end the week. 

Term 5

 The Vikings:Traders and Raiders

Virtual Viking visit! The children enjoyed learning about life as a Viking from their special visitor, ‘Beorn Bloodaxe’.

The children enjoyed a visit to the local Viking Ship. They did some observational drawings, drama and ordered a timeline.

The children enjoyed locating places and features on an Ordnance Survey map of Thanet. They were very good at matching the symbols on the key to the human and physical features they represented.

We are Scientists! This term the children have been carrying out investigations... they have asked 'Can we block sound?', 'Did the Romans use toilet roll?' and 'How does a catapult work?'

Term 4 - 1066

1066 Wow Day!

Our new topic is 1066. The children visited Edward the Confessor’s chamber and witnessed him name Harold Godwinson as his successor...

Science Week

We participated in a workshop about the properties of light. We made periscopes and played a laser beam game to explore how light travels and reflects. It was great fun.

World Book Day

Can you guess which book characters we are?

For World Book Day, Year Four focused on books by the brilliant author, Anthony Browne. After reading some of his stories, we chose which activities based on the books we would like to do. Activities included writing sequels, creating comic strips, making Lego zoos, designing parks and lots of drawing opportunities. It was a fantastic day!

Fantastic Fred!

The children enjoyed an interactive performance about ways to promote good mental health.

Year 4 Fashion Show! Well done to all our fashion show superstars, you were AMAZING! And thank you to families for joining us to celebrate the children's work.

Tonbridge Class were inspired by the artist Damien Hurst’s blossom tree paintings and created their own beautiful paintings.

Term 3 - Burps, Bottoms and Bile

Burps, Bottoms and Bile Wow Day!

What happens to a piece of bread when you eat it?

The children had great fun making smoothies

The recipes for the smoothies were from the BBC Good Food website. The children have asked to make some of them at home, please see the attached link! Kids' smoothie recipes | BBC Good Food The recipes were altered slightly and no nuts were used. Enjoy!

Labelling the digestive system and completing an experiment with orange juice as stomach acid.

Year 4 had a virtual visit today from Dr Newton. He gave a talk about how the human body works, in particular the digestive system. Did you know the human digestive system is 9 metres long?!

Our Burps, Bottoms and Bile topic culminated in the creation of ‘Giganta-Guts’ models to show what we had learnt about the digestive system.

Term 2 - Potions

We hunted for different natural things to go in our potions.

Acting out Verbs and Adverbs

Our adventure story. Planning and acting it out.

Acting out each paragraph of our story.

Learning about molecules and how quick liquids move.

We designed and made our own tie dye t-shirts.

How can you blow up a balloon without blowing into it?

We are learning that repeated addition helps when learning about multiplication.

We designed, made and played our own maths games.

The Year Four winners of the Maths Games Competition!

Term 1 - I am Warrior!

I am Warrior! Wow Day! Food tasting, playing catch the flag, building Amphitheatres and making clay pots.

We have been acting out scenes as if we are a Roman Soldier; can’t get married in the army, beaten to death and even going into battle.

Hever class acting out being soldiers.

We have been making clay pots as part of our learning for our Roman topic. They are amazing!

Hever class acting out how the Romans eating.

Hever class looking at battle formations and what a Roman soldier wore.

We have been learning about Sound for our Science topic. The children have been carrying out lots of investigations to find out what makes a sound and how it travels...

Hever class, making our own sound vibrations. Can you hear what they said?

We have been listening to sounds, can we make it quiet, quieter or louder?

Hever class reading atlases and plotting the school as a birds eye view.

Hever class, we acted out ‘The hundred mile an hour dog’ where they tied the skateboard to the bike.

Hever class, outdoor learning. Orienteering with addition and subtraction.