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Children will read in class every day. At least once a week in KS1, every child will have a 'Guided Reading' session with their teacher. This involves sharing and discussing text, and working on individual and group reading targets.


In KS2, whole class reading sessions are taught daily with a focus on comprehension and inference. During these sessions, focus groups are identified and worked with and whole class discussions are encouraged to further their understanding of texts.


We have a wide selection of books which are colour banded. Children will bring a banded book home that they are secure in which will help children to consolidate their reading skills. 


As well as this, we have a wonderful library which every class has an allocated amount of time to spend in each week. Children are encouraged to choose from a variety of books and enjoy time reading. Teachers and TAs help the children to make informed choices. This is to create opportunities for reading for pleasure.

Phonics is taught following the 'Letters and Sounds' programme. The teachers also use and adapt other resources to compliment these lessons.

Some of our children benefit from BRP (Better Reading Partnerships) which enables them to make accelerated progress in their reading. They will work 1:1 with a teaching assistant, following and intensive 10 week programme.

World Book Day 2022


The children of Bromstone enjoyed a fantastic day on World Book Day exploring books and reading in lots of different ways!


Teachers and children alike took part in a Character Clue Hunt, choosing an item or hairstyle to give us a clue as to who they might be! The variety of books that children had taken their characters from was incredible and there was so much discussion around those books; it was fantastic to see!


Children all over the school were getting comfy and reading under tables, outside, on their own and in groups as well as exploring books through talking, making puppet shows and listening to audio books! 

Such a fantastic celebration of all things reading and books to celebrate World Book Day 2022!



This year's World Book Day was an enormous success.  The children enjoyed taking part in this year's challenge; share a book for 10 minutes a day. 


The children also showed their pleasure for reading by taking part in book blankets in their year groups.  They made book nooks and got under tables, finding fun places to read all over school.


It was also the first year we created potato characters, inspired by Supertato.  The children took part in a competition to find the most a-peeling characters of whom won prizes for their efforts.


We also shared stories in each Phase: Supertato, The Lorax and Varmint.


What a wonderful way to celebrate World Book Day 2020!  

World Book Day 2019

Year 3

Lewes class Year 3

Year 3 Lewes class

Lewes class Year 3

World Book Day in Year 6!