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Welcome to Silver, Gold and Copper Classes

Our topic for the new summer term.

The children have started the new summer term with great enthusiasm for our new topic:  

‘The World Around Us!’

As children in Early Years learn best when the topic is based on their interests and fascinations we asked the children what they would like to discover more about.


During the end of last term we asked the children in Gold, Silver and Copper class what they wanted to learn. Some of the ideas we came up with together included:

  • Animals
  • Minibeats
  • Nature and its elements.
  • Recording
  • Experimenting



Our overarching question for this topic is

‘What is there in the world around us and how do we explore it?’


As well as using our exciting topic to base our literacy work around we are also looking at a wonderful children’s book: The Gruffalo.Following the teachers recent training we are exploring the use of Talk 4 Writing to enhance the children’s literacy.


Talk 4 Writing is achieved success in many schools and is something that we are utilising the benefits of.


We are learning the story through a text map.This helps the children memorise the core structure and features of the story.


The children have had a lot of fun learning the text map as a whole class.Now they know the story so well it will help them to develop their writing skills with confidence.


We follow daily phonics lessons.


Phonics is a key factor in the development of children’s reading and writing skills.However we understand this is not the only way children access these essential skills and we explore many other teaching and learning strategies.


If you would like clarification on the pure sounds (phonemes) of each letter you can visit the following sites. You will also find lots of interactive games for the children to enjoy on the links below.


There are also some very good free apps to download onto smart phones and tablets such as CBEEBIES.







The children are continuing to develop their understanding of number from 0-20 and beyond.

The children are using their number skills to solve math problems in everyday life.


The children are also developing their knowledge of shape, space and measure.


Maths takes place throughout our rich learning environment, both inside and outside.

Characteristics of Effective Learners

At Bromstone we are keen to develop all our pupils as effective learners. Therefore we ensure that they are clear about the characteristics that lead to effective learning. Research has shown that the most effective learners have the following 10 qualities


Adults can support the development of children as effective learners by nurturing these qualities.

  1. They get involved in their own learning
  2. They improve their vocabulary
  3. They know how to achieve above and beyond their target
  4. They are motivated and keen to learn
  5. They develop their speaking, listening and thinking skills
  6. They can work well with others
  7. They are independent
  8. They want to learn beyond the syllabus
  9. They link their learning to the real world
  10. They are supported by their family

Newsletter May 2015