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Rugby club is run by one of our sports coaches, Mr Stewart and Mr Harvey, and is on every Wednesday at 3:15pm - 4:00pm.


There has been a very good attendance to this club since the start of this school year. The club as a whole aims to effectively develop our children's skills within rugby and compete against other local schools. 

We have had one tournament so far which was held at Chatam House grammar school, where there were several other schools competing for 1st place. Bromstone are extremely proud of our children's efforts at this tournament as they were fantastic. After a very intense close 3rd/4th place play off  we came 4th overall. 


There are other tournaments scheduled to comence in the forthcoming season. 


Some of our children that attend have written feedback about the club, which hopefully will encourage more children to take part. 


'Rugby club is on a Wednesday after school, it is run by Mr Scott and is non contact rugby. It is one of my favourite school clubs. Each week we practice by doing different mini games, such as capture the flag rugby and four corners. We also do short touch rugby games, which can be very exciting because you only need to score one try to win the game. We are taught all of the rules of touch rugby, EG: not passing forward and many others.'