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Living things and their Habitats.

This term, we have been exploring a variety of different habitats found in the world and the sort of animals, creatures and plants you would find there. We have explored how suitable animals are to their habitat and how they survive.


Take a look at our wonderful learning!

Leeds class - Our Science display, to show off our amazing learning this term!

In Leeds class we have been working together to sort animals into the correct habitats.

Everyday Material


The children have started Year Two with the science topic;Everyday Materials. We have been learning all about materials' properties, using scientific language and experiments to discover more about the amazing world around us!

Which material is the most suitable for a toy car ramp? In Leeds class, we have been investigating different materials: paper, wood, fabric and metal. We had a ramp covered in each material and tested which material would allow the car to travel the furthest. Take a look at our wonderful learning!

Which materials float? In Leeds class, we have been exploring different materials and investigating if it sinks or floats. We worked in groups to test this. Take a look at our wonderful learning...

Which is the strongest paper? In Leeds class, across this term, we have been focusing on different ‘Materials’. Today we began our investigation looking at different types of paper and finding out which one is the strongest. We wrote a prediction and filled in a results table after we carried out the investigation; Take a look at our brilliant learning...

In Leeds class, we have been busy with our Science topic 'Materials'. We have been discussing the materials we know and thinking about their properties and textures. In addition, we went looking for different objects and matching them to their material.

Rochester class have really enjoyed their science over the last term or so, Everyday Materials.


We have been learning about materials' properties and classifying them. 


We have really enjoyed our experiments, such as, learning about friction with car ramps covered in different materials and which materials react in different ways in water.