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Science Week 10th-14th May

Science Week

10th-14th May


As part of Science week are carrying out some experiments in class. 

Here are some of the experiments that could be tried at home:


Rainbow Collectors

Have a think about all the colours in your area (your house)

Can you list the colours of the rainbow? Can you find any in your house?

Try and collect as many things of the colours of the rainbow in your house. Then put them all together to create a rainbow.

(Please ask your grown up before you take things)

Here is ours in class...

Crunchy architecture

Can you build a structure from food?

Using melted chocolate and biscuits (or anything you have at home) can you design and build something, for example:

- a house

- a tower

- a building

- a statue


How does it stick together? How can you get it to stand up on its own? Can you add something to make it stick together better? Is it strong? Is it hard? Is it tough?


Beware, it's a little messy!

Flitter Jars

Choose a jar at home and clean it out, perhaps ask a grown up for some help...

Explore round your home for some shiny or sparkly things you could add to your jar. (Glitter is always a good idea)


Then fill your jar with water. Make sure the lid is screwed on SUPER TIGHT. 





And watch the glitter fill your flitter jar.


Now, have a think:

Can you see the glitter? 

What does it look like?

What happens to it?

How does it move?




Can you put some food colouring in, just a few drops. How does that change your flitter jar? What has happened to how you can see the glitter in the water? Has anything changed? Has anything stayed the same?