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Bromstone Primary School

Dream Believe Achieve


Dream - soñar


Believe - Creer


Achieve - Conseguir

Year 3


Spring Term 1


Los numeros


Year 3 will be learning their Spanish numbers from 0-20 as well as multiples of ten. They will be creating and designing their own number character to help them learn their numbers. Unicorn uno, triplet tres, daring diecisiete are some examples from last year's year 3. I wonder what wonderfully imaginative creations this lovely year group will think of. I am sure that they will channel their inner Carlos the Creative Chameleon.

The children will also be learning how to say how old they are in Spanish as well as asking the question. They will of course be playing "fastest fingers first" to see who will be the reigning champion in year 3 and has the fastest number knowledge.

We will be having fun, working hard and dreaming, believing, achieving!


Muchas gracias,


Señora Stanley



Year 4


El cuerpo


This term, year 4 will be learning about the human body in Spanish. They will be learning the names of the body parts, for example:

el abrazo

la pierna

el hombro.

Ask the children what dedos de pie are as this is a brilliant literal translation!

The children will also be learning to describe facial features, drawing on their colour knowledge.

Later in the term, I will speak entirely in Spanish to them and ask them to draw something that I will describe. It will be a very unusual looking monster with a random amount of body of parts and facial features in unusual places. If they have learnt well then all the monsters should look the same, but will they?

We will end the term with a Kahoot assessment which I know the children love.


Keep up the hard work year 4 and I hope you will enjoy this topic.


Muchas gracias.


Señora Stanley


Year 5 and 6

Places in town

This term, years 5 and 6 will be learning about the places where we live. They will identify the names of local buildings such as:

el supermercado

la iglesia

el parque.


The children will translate a sentence of their own describing where they live from English to Spanish and they will also practise their reading and translate from Spanish to English.


The children will work on giving directions and learn how to say that a place is on the left, the right or straight on, "todo recto." If we are feeling really brave we may try and give each other directions to get around the school!


Remember to dream, believe, achieve or as they say in Spain, Sonar, Creer, Conseguir!


Muchas gracias.


Señora Stanley