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Sports Day 2021

Sports Day 2021


This year we ran Sports Day in year group bubbles. This meant that we had more time for events during the day. In light of this, we decided, for years 1-6, that instead of there being one final for each of our competitive events like there usually is, we would have 3 finals for each event for both boys and girls.

The finals were called A, B and C finals; the A finals for the running events included the children with the 2 best times from each house, the B finals included the next best 2 times from each house and the C finals included the 2 third best times from each house. We did the same for the jumping and throwing events with one competitor from each house for each final.

Children were selected for finals based on their performances during PE lessons where all children are given an equal opportunity to try their best in each of these events.


Children that were placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each of the B and C finals were rewarded with a further sticker and the children that competed in the A final that were placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd were rewarded with a medal. All of the children placed in 1st, 2nd and 3rd position from the A, B and C finals were presented with their sticker or their medal by a Head of School or member of the Senior Leadership Team on the podium, so they could appreciate the sense of pride that they each deserved.


As per other years, all of the children from year R to year 6 have taken part in an inclusive carousel of events in the afternoon of their Sports Day. The children are involved in different physical activities including speed bounce, running, skipping, throwing, aiming, hockey dribbling, golf putting and lots more!


For participating in this part of Sports Day all children receive a sticker for their efforts.


Please use the Star icons below to find your child's year group where there are lots of photos from their Sports Day!


Thank you for your continued support.