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Term 1

Welcome back.

The Children  have settled in well to Year 5 . Our Curriculum has changed this year. Our topics will now be introduced through a question. There will be a whole school question and a year group question linked to a wider concept. These will change across the school each term. 

During the first term, we are exploring the whole school question, " Where do Adventures begin?”

As a year group we are going to be exploring the question, " What adventures lie beyond Earth?” Our first question will focus on the wonders of space and the solar system.  An ideal topic to explore as the nights draw in and we can go outside and explore the night sky. Hopefully we will have some budding  astronauts in year 5. 


In English, we will be starting the term by writing a letter to a famous astronaut based  in America, as part of the NASA pen pal scheme. We will send our letters off once written and wait for a reply. We will also get to know our chosen astronaut by researching their lives and their contribution to space travel. This excitement will be followed by the writing of imaginary story opening set somewhere in space. 


In maths, we will start the term focusing on place value, addition  and subtraction and statistics. We will continue to use White Rose as our main planning resource.  Lessons will encourage the use of manipulatives and practical activities. Questions will be differentiated with Chilli Challenges. Our math lessons are fun and engaging planned to build the confidence of our year 5 mathematicians.


Throughout the term, we will be exploring space by learning the planets’ names, their order from the Sun and identifying their features, including their size. We will be looking at various influential scientists, astronomers and astronauts and their impact on our understanding of Space as well as the importance of the Space Race. We will be exploring the movement of the Earth, Moon and other planets and looking in detail at the phases of the moon, as well as explaining day and night. 


Outdoor learning will continue to be a focus. Children will have opportunities to develop their Forest School skills and develop their understanding of the curriculum through the wider world.