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Term 1- What happened when the Titanic sank?

Where do Adventures Begin?

What happened when the Titanic sank?







Climb aboard the luxurious liner to find out all about its reputation as unsinkable, the different classes onboard and how they were treated and what happened after Titanic struck an iceberg. From the launch of the ship to the disastrous end of its maiden voyage.


To start off the year in Year 6, our writing will focus on newspaper reports and diary entries as we delve into the book, 'The Titanic Detective Agency' by Lindsay Littleton. This book follows the experiences of a young girl, who finds herself on board Titanic for her maiden voyage. Whilst trying to uncover a mystery taking place on the ship, disaster strikes! 


In Maths,  we will be exploring and developing our understanding of place value to 10 million, the four number operations, factors and multiples, and primes. The children will build upon their year 5 knowledge whilst taking on new concepts such as long division and cubed numbers.  


Our topic lessons this term will take us on a historical journey through Titanic's maiden voyage. We will learn about the building of the ship; her advertisement as unsinkable and what life was like for the different classes onboard. We will also explore the sinking and what happened to the survivors of the disaster.  In Design and Technology, we will be creating working dioramas using moving parts to depict the scene of the Titanic sinking. 

Captain Smith fact files

DT- Titanic Dioramas

Science Week- Heart rate investigation

Science Week- exploring the circulatory system by making our own blood!