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Term 2

Why do we have Rights? 

Why do rights exist? 

Term 2 here we go...............


Our Class text this Term is The Thieves of Ostia, which is set in the Roman period. We will be using this text in our Guided Reading, as our Class story and to support us with our writing of Recounts and Letters. 





Taking a pause from Multiplication and division for a bit, we will be looking more closely at Addition and Subtraction, measurement and Length and Perimeter. Please do keep up the Times tables practise at home. 




Our Topic this term is Romans, where we look at the History of the Romans and the rights of both the Roman Soldiers and Slaves. We will be looking at maps- identifying the Roman Empire, how the Roman Empire affected Britain and we will look at who the Celts and Romans were. Our whole School concept is RIGHTS. In addition to this we will be embracing a full week of Black History Month Learning. 



Our science theme is Electricity this term. The children will construct a simple circuit, Identify / name parts of a circuit,  

recognise common conductors and insulators, as well as looking at how we can break a circuit. We hope to make a visit to Discovery Planet in Ramsgate for a Free Workshop too.