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Term 2: How does war affect peoples rights?

Why Do Rights Exist?

How Does War Affect People’s Rights?

This term we will be exploring the whole school question “Why do rights exist?”

As a year group we are going to be exploring the question, “ How does war affect people’s rights?” This will be a fun question to explore as we enter the world of 1914 and explore the start of World War 1. We will explore the changing role of women and discover that life was never to be the same again for those who experienced the trauma of the Great War. 

Black History Week

During our first week back we will be exploring the rights of the child and looking at the life of Walter Tull a black army officer who died during the battle of the Somme. We will understand how black soldiers were treated and recruited from the far reaches of the Empire. We will learn about the campaign for the Military Cross that Walter was denied, despite his acts of bravery and outstanding leadership. 


In English we will be writing to persuade and exploring the works of war poets. This will give us an opportunity to link our learning to the suffragettes and the propaganda linked to war. The children will have the opportunity to write their own poetry and respond to the poems of Wilfred Owen.

We will be continuing to build on our presentation and handwriting skills.  
In guided reading we will continue to develop our inference skills by exploring a variety of texts including Michael Morpugo’s War Horse



This term we will be looking at multiples, factors, squared and cubed numbers. We will then be moving onto multiplication and division. In the later part of the term we will move onto fraction work. This will include: equivalents, addition, subtraction, ordering and converting fractions. 


In science we will be learning about forces. We will explore what a force is and how we can measure it. We will investigate water and air resistance and explore how pulleys and levers work. 


For art the children will be learning about the life and work of Georgia O’Keeffe. They will be developing their painting skills using watercolours and painting flowers, including poppies, in the style of Georgia O’Keeffe.







We began our topic this term with the news from Miss Moon that our playtimes had been cancelled! We were furious and decided we had to take action! We worked in groups creating banners and placards; we wrote persuasive letters and even sent class representatives to try to convince Miss Moon and Mrs Ribbans to change their minds. We took our protest to the playground to make our voices heard and were delighted when we were victorious and our playtime was returned!  


Debating Skills

Should women have the right to vote?


The children have been learning about The Suffragettes and how they campaigned for the rights of women. For our debate, the children were asked to imagine it was 1918. Half the class argued for women’s right to vote, and the other half argued against. We were impressed with children’s ability to explain their point of view and respond appropriately to differing opinions. 

Should women have the right to vote?



Inspired by the work of American artist Georgia O’Keeffe, the children painted beautiful flowers using watercolours.

Painting in the style of Georgia O’Keeffe



In science this term we have been learning all about forces, investigating the effects of friction, water and air resistance. We have really enjoyed planning and carrying out fair tests, thinking about which variables we need to change or keep the same.  

Science investigations