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Term 3 Street Detectives

Grab a magnifying glass, put on your deerstalker and change your name to Sherlock because we’re going to become street detectives!


This term, we’ll follow a route around our local streets and take pictures of the buildings, businesses and plants we can see. We’ll learn about traditional tales, including Hansel and Gretel, write poetry and create persuasive adverts. Looking at photographs will help us to spot any similarities and differences between the houses and shops of today and the past.


We’ll also study and draw maps, create a model of a local building, draw portraits of the people we have met and look at the work of urban artists.


At the end of our project, we’ll design posters to advertise a ‘Big spring clean’ around school before cleaning and tidying the school grounds.

Come back soon to see the pictures of the children's brilliant learning in this term's exciting topic...

This term in math we have been learning about shape and measure!

Wow Day - On our Wow Day we got to go on a local walk, seeing the local landmarks, learning road names and making maps of our route!

PE- In PE we have been learning all about performance and control through dance!

Science - Through Animals Including Humans we have learnt how humans and animals grow and what they need...