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Term 4 - Stargazers




We are really excited to be welcoming back all the children and continuing with all of our amazing learning. 

Our next topic that we are going to be exploring this term is called 'Stargazers'. 


Throughout the term, we will be exploring space by learning the planets’ names, their order from the Sun and identifying their features, including their size.


We will be looking at various influential scientists, astronomers and astronauts and their impact on our understanding of Space as well as the importance of the Space Race. 


Make sure you keep an eye out for all of our amazing learning!

We explored the Apollo 11 mission and designed our own Lunar modules using plastic contains and tin foil!

In Science, we have been exploring 'Moon phases'. We explored this using torches, a globe and a plastic ball. We then used Oreos to allow us to visually show the different phases!

In Science, we looked at exploring shadows and how they changed throughout the day. We were fortunate to have a lovely sunny day so we went outside at different times of the day and recorded using chalk our shadows. We measured our shadows in 'cm' and recorded it on a table.

Our creative art work! We used oil pastels and tissue paper to create display different techniques.