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Term 4 Towers Tunnels & Turrets

See the castle ahead? Get ready to invade its mighty walls! Head across the drawbridge, over the moat and up to the top of the tower... Meet Rapunzel who lives in a tall, tall tower. Let's build a brand new one...whose is the tallest? Can you measure it? Then dig deep down making burrows and tunnels, just like the animals who live underground. What's that sound? I hear little hooves going trip trap, over the rickety bridge. Watch out for the angry troll underneath...


This term is full of exciting learning! We will be starting by writing poems in our English lessons and enjoying Rapunzel in guided reading.  Maths will be learning about fractions and problem solving. And we are very pleased to be writing a recount about our school trip...


On Tuesday 8th March we are very excited for our trip to Leeds Castle


We will also be learning amazing historical Facts through our history topic – Magnificent Monarchs!

Come back soon for updates and photos!

Leeds Castle Trip! The children showed all the school values and loved learning all about Leeds Castle!

Science Week - During Science week we learnt all about growth - we made seed bombs, went on a worm hunt, created slime and even started an investigation into growing cress with some very interesting predictions and conclusions.

RE week we looked at the question ‘How should we care for others and the world and why does it matter?’’. We looked at the story of The Good Samaritan and created thank you cards for a display on kindness towards each other. The children also looked at the Easter story and created a flip book to retell the story.