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Term 6 - Bounce

Term 6 - BOUNCE!

Can you run like a cheetah, leap like a frog or bounce like a kangaroo? This half term, we will be finding out if we can hop, skip, run, jump and bounce! We’ll jump, wriggle, run and crawl, moving under and over, along and through play equipment. We’ll write about a special visit, follow instructions, write information books and design leaflets. We’ll take part in a variety of sporting activities and see if practice makes perfect. Film clips, photographs and information books will help us to investigate how animals move, and we’ll find out how exercise can affect our bodies. Our maths skills will help us to discover how far we can throw and how quickly we can run. We’ll investigate different spheres and create a beautiful, spherical art installation. Our sporting heroes will provide us with plenty of inspiration as we work together in teams and rely on each other to score points and win games. At the end of the project, we’ll share what we have learnt with you. We’ll demonstrate our movement and dance skills during a celebration assembly, explain how exercise and a healthy lifestyle are important for everyone and unveil our art installation.

Come back soon for even more photos of the children's fantastic learning...

Leeds class sports day: Well done to everyone for taking party and trying their best!

Well done Rochester Class for demonstrating the School Values so brilliantly on our day trip to Viking Bay!

Creating own PE game and writing group instructions! We will be writing our own instructions later this term and using them to play each other’s games.

Leeds class WOW morning to start our new topic ‘Bounce!’. Part of our learning was to explore the different equipment and how it moves; including our bodies.

Rochester Class getting their Bounce topic off to a great start by exploring how all the different balls and PE equipment move.