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Term Four

Dinosaur Planet


This term our topic is Dinosaur Planet and the children are so excited about it!  

At the start of term we discovered some eggs in Year One and we think they are dinosaur eggs!  We have been writing all about what might have left them and what we predict will be inside!


STOMP, CRASH, RRRAGH!!!! Watch out everyone – the dinosaurs are on the prowl!

They’re rampaging across the dusty Earth, swishing their enormous tails and bearing their fearsome teeth…

Let’s explore Dinosaur Planet, imagine you’re a palaeontologist (that’s a scientist who studies bones and fossils). Dig deep and discover dazzling dinosaur facts.

Create your own dinosaur museum and investigate visitors to see your awesome dinosaur artefacts. You could even do a dinosaur dance and produce some prehistoric percussion!

Which is your favourite dinosaur? The Tyrannosaurus, the Brachiosaurus or the Microapachycephalosaurus?

Doyouthinkhesawus? YES…I think he did…RUNNN!

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