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Term One- What do you see on adventures?

Whole School Big Question of the Term

Where do Adventures Begin?



Year Two's Big Question


What do we see on Adventures?

This term all our learning will be based on our big question... What do we see on adventures?  From becoming lost in adventure stories, exploring the local community and colours in art, finding out about the world in geography to becoming adventurous mathematicians when discovering about new ways to partition numbers!  We can't wait to start our Year Two adventures with our big question!  



We love to celebrate all home learning you may wish to enjoy!  We can't wait to see what you learn at home...


We are learning about place value, properties of shape and beginning to look at addition and subtraction.



We are using the book Room on the Broom for character descriptions and getting yucky with recipes inspired by Roald Dahl's Revolting Recipes!



We will be exploring everyday materials we find all around us, and discover their amazing uses! We will explore the best materials to make a boat for an adventure!



We are exploring colour mixing to see what we may find on an adventure.  We will be creating a clay pot to serve up our revolting recipes...



We'll also be discovering how to safely explore the internet.



Finally we'll be finding out about some real life adventurers from the past and what they saw on their explorations around the world!