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Term Three - What makes a good leader?


This terms whole school Big question is ...


Why Lead when you can follow?


and Year Two are finding out


What makes a good leader?


This term all our learning will be based on our Big question What makes a good leader?


We will be exploring the meaning of a leader and the qualities that we all have in order to be a leader.

We are also going to be looking at leaders from the past, leaders of worship and also sporting leaders from around the world.


We have loved sharing and celebrating the Home Learning you have completed the previous two terms and look forward to your projects this term.

Below is a menu of ideas to try at home!







In Maths, this term we will be focusing on money, learning about measurements used for length and height as well as making comparisons between them. Finally, we will be practising our problem solving skills with addition and subtraction.





We are going to be exploring the book Hansel and Gretel to create our own traditional tale this term using the Talk for Writing process. Then using the book Lion Inside By Rachel Bright and Jim fields, we will be creating non-chronological reports on animals.





In our Science lessons, we will be learning about 'Animals Including humans'. Our lessons will teach us about animal and human life cycles, learn about food chains and what humans should eat and why we need exercise.




We enjoyed using the tale Hansel and Gretel to make our own traditional tale.

We enjoyed looking at money, learning how to identify coins, add amounts together and find change.

What makes a good leader? We have enjoyed picking a part this question through looking at leaders from the past, looking at sporting leaders and focusing on the qualities of a good leader.

In Science, we have been looking at the topic ‘Animals including humans’ and have enjoyed learning lots of fun facts. The most popular lesson was discussing a healthy diet and getting to make yummy fruit kebabs!

In Forest school we have enjoyed learning how to make a fire and the safety rules. Topped off with enjoying toasting some marshmallows, yum!

We have been exploring our terms Big Question - What Makes a Good Leader? - across the curriculum this term. In maths we have learnt about money and statistics. In music we have used instruments and our own voices to develop pitch and beat. In Forest School we have lead on using tools to carve.